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Market Entry

We support our clients (life as well as general insurers) entering the German market in the following areas:

Market know-how

  • information about local insurance market (product landscape, product providers, trends, peculiarities, market data)
  • competitive environment (e.g. analysis of competitive products and typical product features)
  • legal environment, in particular in the context of insurance and consumer rights
  • important local accounting aspects and supervisory regime
  • taxation and its consequences on product design

Product design

  • review regarding compliance with local requirements (regulatory and tax requirements, product ratings and product comparisons)
  • pricing und profit testing
  • business case and product specifications (development, review)
  • product illustrations (design, review, test and test tools, implementation)

Policy literature, sales and further aspects

  • policy literature and sales materials: wording; discussion (e.g. with legal consultants); review; competitive analysis
  • buildup of sales structure: support with local market know-how; feedback to sales requirements; product discussion with potential sales partners; training/product education
  • establishment of local presence: freedom of services vs. freedom of establishment; business case
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